Top 6 Must-Watch Marathi Movies of 2013 (So Far)

The film industry of Maharashtra is seeing some change. Some change for the good. So, discussing movies has always been a pleasure! Movies critically analyzed and then pitched with mixed emotions and changed climaxes. I am sure you did this with your silver screen peer as well.

There are many movies like Shrimant Damodar PantDuniyadariAjoba (2013)  etc which are still to come.

But, Here is the List of  Top 6 Must-Watch Marathi Movies in 1st 6 Months of 2013.

BP-Balak Palak (2013)

BP-Balak Palak Marathi Movie
BP-Balak Palak

Production Company : Viva InEn & Ravi Jadhav Films and Mumbai Film Company
Producers : Riteish Deshmukh, Uttung Hitendra Thakur
Director & Co-producer : Ravi Jadhav
Cast : Prathamesh Parab,Shashwati Pimplikar,Madan Devdhar,Bhagyashree Shankpal,Rohit Phalke,Sai Tamhankar,Subodh Bhave,Amruta Subhash,Kishor Kadam,Avinash Narkar,Vishakha Subhedar,Anand Ingale,Satish Tare,Supriya Pathare

Rating : * * * *

Story Outline: The story takes place in the 1980s when Avya (Rohit Phalke), Bhagya (Madan Deodhar), Dolly (Shahwati Pimplikar) and Chiu (Bhagyashree Sankpal) are close teenage friends living in the same chawl. Circumstances and their school friend Vishu (Prathamesh Parab) introduce them to the world of sex through porn books and blue films (BP). But is this the right method of getting enlightened about sex? What would happen if the elders of their chawl find out about their secret activity?

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Anumati (2013)

Anumati Marathi Movie Poster
Anumati Marathi Movie Poster

Rating: * * * ½

Story Outline :

Anumati is the story of the elderly Ratnakar Pathare’s (Vikram Gokhale) attempts to save his dying wife(Neena Kulkarni), who has suffered brain hemorrhage. His son (Subodh Bhave) urges him to sign the DNR form (to remove life support) since the former has already spent a large share from his savings. However, Ratnakar refuses to budge as he is hopeful that his wife will survive. But how will he manage to find substantial financial support for further treatment?

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Tuhya Dharma Koncha? (2013)

Tuhya Dharma Koncha Marathi Movie-Film

Director: Satish Manwar
Producers: IME Motion Pictures and Sprint Art Creations Pvt. Ltd.
Writer : Satish Manwar
Cast : Upendra Limaye, Vibhawari Deshpande, Kishor Kadam, Suhas Palshikar, Suhas Shirsat, Gauri Konge
Genre : Drama
Rating : * * * *
Story Outline : Kavudu (Upendra Limaye) lives a tribal life with his wife Bhulabai (Vibhawari Deshpande) and two children near a tiger sanctuary in the interiors of Maharashtra. After their already struggling life goes through another bad turn, Bhulabai has no option but to convert to Christianity. The film focuses on the consequences of the conversion.

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Premachi Goshta(2013)

Premachi Gosht Marathi Movie
Premachi Gosht Marathi Movie

Produced By : Ihita Enterprises Pvt.Ltd.

Directed By : Satish Rajwade
Star Cast : Atul Kulkarni,Sagarika Ghatage,Rohini Hattangadi,Sulekha Talwalkar,Meera Velankar,Ajay Purkar,Satish Rajwade
Genre : Romance
Rating : * * * *
Story Outline : Due to a sheer co-incidence, complete strangers Prem (Atul Kulkarni) and Sonal (Sagarika Ghatge) bump into each other at a marriage counselor’s office as they both are going through a troubled marriage with their respective spouses. Sonal is happily willing to divorce her husband but Prem is hoping against hope to reconcile with his wife. Circumstances bring Prem and Sonal closer and their friendship soon transforms into love. But are Prem and Sonal meant to be together?

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Touring Talkies (2013)

Touring Talkies Marathi Movie Poster
Touring Talkies Marathi Movie Poster

Director : Gajendra Ahire
Producer : Trupti Bhoir
Writer : Gajendra Ahire
Cast : Subodh Bhave, Trupti Bhoir, Milind Shinde,Kishore Kadam,Vaibhav Mangle, Chinmay Sant,Suhas Palshikar
Rating: * * * *

Story Outline :

The film throws light on the culture of touring talkies – film screenings inside tents (tamboo), which is slowly dying. Chandi’s touring talkies is one of the rare ones still surviving in Maharashtra.  She and her brother Babya (Chinmay Sant) take great pride in showing films in their tent, which has been their family business since decades.

But their business is threatened due to some foolishness by Chandi’s drunkard father Babu (Suhas Palshikar). Chandi sees a ray of hope when filmmaker Avinash (Subodh Bhave) arrives in their locality to screen his film in the tents.

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Ajinkya (2013)

ajinkya marathi movie images

Director: Tejas Vijay Deoskar

Producers: S K Production Films and Sandesh Films International

Writers: Tejas Vijay Deoskar

Cast: Sandeep Kulkarni, Kadambari Kadam, Sarika Nilatkar

Genre: Drama

Rating: * * *

Story Outline : For Basketball coach Anant Dharmadhikar (Sandeep Kulkarni), winning is everything. But his intense passion for Basketball and a sharp ego separate him not only from his wife Sai (Kadambari Kadam), who is highly successful in the corporate world, but also from the game itself. Amidst such dire consequences, will Anant find a ray of hope?

Some other movies, that also succeeded in entertaining the audience.

Vijay Aso (2013)

Kho Kho

Ekulti Ek (2013)

Zapatlela 2 (3D)

Jay Maharashtra Dhaba Bhatinda (2013)

Kurukshetra (2013)

Mokala Shwaas (2013)

Pune 52 (2013)

Hou De Jarasa Ushir (2013)


Premsutra (2013)


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