Yoddha Marathi Movie

Yoddha Upcoming Marathi Movie

Produced by : M. K. Dhumal,Vijay Choudhry
Directed By : Prasad Inamdar
Actors : Saurabh Gokhle, Nagesh Bhosale, Sharmishtha Raut,Priya berde
Music By : Onkar Kelkar

Genre : Action Thriller
Release Date : 14th June2013

Story : ‘YODDHA” is a story of a modern hero who rises against evil which resides within his own family. It is easy to go on a war with an enemy across the border, but it takes a lot more guts and bravery to wage a war against your own people. To prevail Justice and law in the ever demeaning society. This is the duty and the only life mission of a warrior – YODDHA!

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