Review : Premsutra (2013)

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Thirty-five year old Mine Engineer Anand Joshi (Sandeep Kulkarni) from Mumbai prefers staying away from marriage and commitment as he only believes in concentrating on his career and having fun in the meantime. He visits Goa for a project and meets the simple happy-go-lucky Saniya (Pallavi Subhash). During their first visit, they end up having a one-night stand. Anand gets a shock when Saniya reveals she is pregnant with his child. What happens next?

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Review :

In love stories or stories about relationships, it is vitally important for the various turns in the story to be convincing. Since that doesn’t happen much in Tejas Vijay Deoskar’s Premsutra, the film turns out to be disappointing after a promising and amusing first half. Later on, the story also shows similarity to the director’s previous and debut film Ajinkya but that was a much more sensible effort.

Pallavi Subhash & Sandip kulkarni in film Premsutra
Pallavi Subhash & Sandip kulkarni in film Premsutra

The main incident of the one-night stand is itself unpersuasive simply because it doesn’t go with Saniya’s character. From her introductory scene and the posters of the movie, she is shown to be someone who believes only in love. But here, she agrees without any hesitation to sleep with someone whom she met just few minutes back. However, as the incident is the base of the story, you try to forgive it with the hope of being taken for an impressive ride after that.

That hope is kept alive in the first half with the developments that take place after the twist and some real, simple humor at regular intervals. But then we realize that the film suffers from the second half syndrome. The proceedings not only become easily predictable but also unconvincing. Have a look at the following points for instance (barring the first point above):-

A man happily marries a woman even when he knows she is madly attracted to someone else.

A father encourages his daughter to play with her life just for the sake of her obsessive attraction for someone.

The same person takes important decisions regarding his 5000 crore business empire just to suit the needs of her daughter’s egoistic desire.

(Best of all) He also announces his daughter’s divorce at a grand party and celebrates the incident!!!

Talking about Susmit Limaye’s music, it does justice to the Goa flavor. But some songs should have at least been shortened. Pushpank Gawade shows his cinematographic talent, especially while capturing the beautiful locales of Goa. The film needs to be appreciated for exploring the real Goa rather than the stereotype version that has been shown since decades.

As expected from a quality performer, Sandeep Kulkarni plays his character with maturity and gets ever shade right. Pallavi Subhash is the surprise package. She not only looks naturally beautiful but, more importantly, also shows her talent as an actor. Shruti Marathe and Lokesh Gupte do justice to their respective characters. Shishir Sharma too does well considering his unusual character.

Overall, Premsutra is let down for not being convincing. The film will struggle to achieve success at the box office.

Review By : Keyur Seta


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