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Ajinkya – A Basketball Movie

Marathi Movie Ajinkya – It’s not always about winning! SK Productions in association with Navalakha arts media and entertainment presentation, produced by Sandeep and Koml Kewlani and Nilesh Navalakha, Directed by Tejas V Deoskar.

Produced By : Sandeep Kewlani & Komal Kewlani and Nilesh Navalakha
Studio : S K Productions and Navalakha Arts Media and Entertainment
Directed By : Tejas V Deoskar
Cast :Sandeep Kulkarni, Kadambari Kadam, Sarika Nilatkar, Rajan Bhise, Pravin Tarde, Vikash Khurana,Depti poddar,Sachin Deshpande,Abhijit Bhonsale,Raghavendra Tupekar,Ketan Pawar,Abhijit Joshi,Shashwat Pathak,Sojas Tharkude,Sidhhesh,Akshay,Mansi Magikar
Written By : Tejas V Deoskar
Screenplay By : Tejas V Deoskar and Gautam Poddar
Music & Background Score : Susmit Limaye
Lyrics : Vaibhav joshi
Synopsis :
It’s not always about winning! It’s not always about winning!
Anant is a strong willed, successful and determined basketball coach in Nagpur whose team has been an outright winner in the state. He has taught them only one thing, how to win! ‘Winning’ is his only goal. Saeea, Anant’s wife, is married to him since last eight years and always complaining of Anant being irresponsible at her. She accuses him of dedicating his time and life only to basketball, leaving her alone. Anant tells her blatantly that his commitment and responsibility can be seen in his team’s consistent performance.
On one of such days, when Anant and Saeea have a routine argument, the heat rises up to a level where Anant commits her to take a break from basketball if he ever loses any tournament. And to his misfortune, his team loses in the finals of an ongoing tournament. Adamant being him, Anant decides to take a break from Basketball. But the argument doesn’t stop there and frustrated Anant declares that he needs a break from Saeea as well. Saeea is stunned. But before she could understand anything, within a month, Anant plans his transfer in office and moves to Aurangabad.

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