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Ti Saddhya Kay Karte‬ Upcoming Marathi Movie starring Ankush Chaudhari, Tejashri Pradhan, Abhinay Berde, Aarya Ambekar. Directed by Satish Rajawade.

  • Movie : Ti Saddhya Kay Karte (2017)
  • Producer : Nikhil Sane, Arvind Jog, Pallavi Rajwade
  • Director : Satish Rajawade
  • Studio : Zee Studios
  • Star Cast :
    • Ankush Chaudhari as Anuraag
    • Tejashri Pradhan as Tanvi
    • Abhinay Berde as Anuraag Young
    • Aarya Ambekar as Tanvi Young
    • Hruditya Rajwade as Anuraag School
    • Nirmohi Agnihotri as Tanvi School
    • Urmila Kanitkar – Kothare as Radhika
    • Tushar Dalvi as Tanvi’s Father
    • Anuradha Rajya as Anuraag’s Mother
    • Sanjay Mone as Anuraag’s Father
    • Sukanya Kulkarni as Anuraag’s Mother
    • Isha Phadke as (Mohini College)
    • Prasad Barve as Pavya
  • Story : Satish Rajwade
  • Screenplay & Dilogues : Manaswini Lata Ravindra
  • Music : Nilesh Mohrir, Avinash-Vishwjeet, Mandar Aapte
  • Lyrics : Ashwini Shendi & Devyani Karve- Kothari
  • Sound : Hitendra Ghosh
  • Background Score : Avinash-Vishwjeet
  • Cinematography : Suhas Gujrathi
  • Editor : Rahul Bhatnakar
  • Art Director : Nikhil Kowale
  • Costumes : Pallavi Rajwade
  • Make Up : Shridhar Parab
  • Choreographer : Arvind Thakur & Vrushali Chavan
  • Co – Producer : Arvind Jog
  • Executive & Line Producer : Umesh Shinde
  • Genre : Drama
  • Release Date : 6th January, 2017

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Synopsis : Schooling years are the best years of life which everyone out of school today will agree. Friends made here remain friends for life and memories of school always linger in everybody’s mind. Everybody in this schooling period of life falls in love with that special one which he or she wants to eventually get married to if the feelings are mutual and serious. But how many of us do end up with that first love…? Not many… All of us today who have been out of school and college and are married and have children are doing well and life is good, but that one question keeps doing the rounds of in our mind quite frequently…if not all the time and especially when friends meet and party. The golden question comes Ti Saddhya Kay Karte

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