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Tejashri Pradhan Marathi Movie and Tv Serial Actress Biography,Phots

  • Name :  Tejashri Pradhan (तेजश्री प्रधान)
  • Birth date : 2 June 1988 Age : 30 years
  • City : Mumbai (Current)
  • Education : From Chandrakant Patkar Vidyalaya,Dombivli, India
  • Spouse (Husband) : Shashank Ketkar (See marriage Photos – Click here)

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  1. tejashri, great, simply you are great, aajchya episode madhye tumcha aani vadilanchya shot madhye tumcha abhinay jabardst aavadla, “bhayankar aavadla” he vakya ehte yogya vatat nahi. best of luck.

  2. tejashree ur work in honar sun mi hya gharchi is wonderful.Anil la haklun lavlyabaddal dhanyavad. Tujyasathi Sri( Accountant) owner of Gokhale indusrties is the best.
    good acting keep it up.

  3. Tejashri & Shashank – You both are simply doing wonderful acting which touch our heart in ” Honar soon..” After a long long time I m seeing such a marvelous and clean acting from actors like you, after Gregory Peck in “Roman Holiday”. With all the best wishes and with a hope to see both of you in such a romantic role in future, too. God bless both of you ! …. Anil Koditkar

  4. Tejashree, tumhi mala khupch avadlat… tumchi acting mala khup jast avadli …. tumchi aani Shree chi jodi tar khupach chan aahe 🙂 me tumcha ek pan episode miss karat nahi. 8 vajaychya adhich mala tumchya serial chi hur hur lagleli asate,kadhi ekda ghari pohchto aani Z marathi lavto ase hote mala 😀 me tar chakk ek tumchya sarkhya disnarya eka mulichya premat pan padlo ethe 😀 …. sry pan tumhi mala khup jast avdlat 🙂 ashich chan acting karat raha :)….. keep it up… & All the best for ur future life 🙂

  5. Marathi Chitrapatala tasech Malikela milalela pratham god aani nirmal chehera. Tasech abhinayala samjoon sawroon prekshakacha lakshavedoon ghenari abhinetri. Keep smiling it improves your face value.

  6. Tejashri, your performance as Janhavi is awesome! Janhavi is the ideal model for today’s generation but your display of that role is amazing. Your expressions in tense moods ,particularly your Tone in such situations touch our hearts. Great performance in the Best role in your career!!! Keep it up!! All the Best!!!

  7. hai, teju tu sarawana bhular ghalun rahili aahe,teju tuzhasarkhi mulagi devani pratekacha ayushat dyala pahije,teju tujhe aai wadil khup laki aahe, tuzhya sarkhi mulgi tyanni janmala aanli,tuzha mala marthi mulagi mhanun mala tuzha abhiman aahe.

  8. Tejashree di..U r d awsum Actress..bhari acting kartes.. n kalun aanand zala ki tuz janhavi ch charecter jass dakhvly tashi ch tu real madhe pn ahes. nehmi ashich raha.. purn maharashtra chi favourite couple aahat tumhi.. of course khush asal ch ya success mule. pn aamhala tumhala i mean Tejashree n Shashank la real life madhe pn life partner mhnun baghaychy.. jashya tumchya reel life chya couple la maharashtra ne accept kel tass ch real life chya couple la hi kartil.. teva maharashtra chya ya favourite couple ne yacha vichar karayla harkat nahiye. but yea decision is totally urs. It is just a wish. tumchya vr depend ahe tumhi ti wish purn karta ka? n by the nahi mhntl tari tumchya lagnachya episode madhe tumch lagn zalyat jama ahe. each n every paddhat tumhi follow keli ahe. Takes madhe 47 fere zalet. ajun ky have?
    Ok Let it be. All the very best for ur future. N yea Happy Diwali also..ur luck is always there with u but still…Good luck..(Y)

  9. hey!!!!!tejashri ……mi tujhi khup khup khup motthi fan aahe and not only me but almost all are just crazy about you and you know tu khup khup cute disteys….kiti pan kautak kela tari khupach kami aahe…you know khup divas aadhi mi poster pahilela tevha mi khup khush jhali ka mahitye???because you and shashank are going to come in dombivali savitri bai fule 2 nd nov….tula mahitye….mi suddha dombivli tach rahtye and mala kharach tula bhetaycha….khup apeksha ahet gaa…kash majhi hi wish purna hoil….even mi fb var tula message lihla aahe!!!please please read kar naa!!!mi and majhi aai just crazy about you!!but there are certain problems due to which she can’t come…but i will surely try to come…..chal ajun khup bolaycha ahe pan ajun lihla tari shabd kamich asnar….byeeeee :)waiting for you and shashank also!!!!!! 🙂

  10. Hi तेजश्री/शशांक

    आज बुधवार च्या लोकसत्ता मधील बातमी खरी असेल तर पाहिल्या १-२ episode
    नंतरच मला जे व्हावे वाटत होते ते होतेय असे वाटते.झाले तर the best च !!फक्त एक
    सांगायचे म्हणजे जर लग्नानंतर नाव बदलणार असतील तर ते इंग्रजी “S “वरून ठेवले तर
    त्याचा खूप चांगला अनुभव येईल !तेव्हा please

    एक Fan

  11. Hi Teju ru so very nice & Tejasrhi me attapariyant hi malika baght navto parantu tai ne hi malika lavli astana mi chotasa bhag bagitala tya madhe tu & tuzi mavsi devachi puja kartani tu kahi bolali ki dev ha maza mitra …….to bhag mala avdala …
    All the Best ……. to u..

  12. Hello , Janu you are very perfect wife Shree and he is a perfect match for you and really tell you that I never miss your seriels regulary and also I watch at 7.OO am and in the afternoon at 12.30, Thanks and keep it up.

  13. hi Shree..Hi J


    you both are really ideal couple of small screen. I am so happy to nknow that you both have decided to play life partners in real life too. our (bhopalkar) best wishes to both of you…

  14. Hi Tejashri and Shashank!!!!!!!!!!!………
    I and my friends love u both as a couple in a serial and also in real life.We wanted to see u a real life couple and this wish came true so thanks…When we understood tht ur getting married then really we wanted to come in ur marriage and see u.U both are so beautiful we really like u.Its my dream to meet u atleast once in my life.Love u so much and God bless u both……Have a bright,prosporous,happy life…………Love u both soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  15. hi tejashree u are so beautiful and cute,ur acting is so natural and good,i am ur big fannnnnnnn, my dream to meet u specialy and stop sirial ‘H S M H G’ best luck for ur next future, plz yaar meet me,byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.