Shashank Ketkar

Shashank Ketkar Marathi  Tv Serial Actor Biography,Phots

  • Name :  Shashank Shirish Ketkar (शशांक शिरीष केटकर)
  • Birth date : September 15, 1985 Age : 37 years
  • City : Pune (Hometown)
  • Education : Diploma from VPM’s Polytechnic Thane, Degree from D Y Patil College of Engineering Akurdi Pune, Masters Of Engineering Management from Australia
  • Spouse (Wife) : Tejashri Pradhan (See marriage Photos – Click here)

About : Shashank had completed Masters In Engineering Management from Australia. He is National Level Swimmer as well. Besides this, he loves photography, Traveling and trying different Veg food as he is vegetarian.

As an actor, he started his career from a PLAY called Purnaviraam (full stop). Then, Shashank’s first TV serial was Kaalaay Tasmee namah on Etv Marathi , wherein he played the role of Mr.Vikram Gokhale’s Grand son. Then after he played a small role in Mahesh Kothare’s” FIRUNI NAVI JANMEN MI” on ME MARATHI channel.
Shashank’s major break was Star Pravah Serial Suvasini, wherein he was casted as “Jayaraam”, as Mr. Tushar Dalvi’s son. This role gave him the real identity in the industry.

He will be seen in zee yuva’s Tv Serial ‘Ithech Taka Tambu’.

Filmography :

 Tv Serials As Actor:

  • Ithech Taka Tambu as Kapil Sathe (Zee Yuva)
  • Honaar Suun Mee Hyaa Gharchi  as Srirang Gokhale (2013 – Marathi Serial on Zee Marathi)
  • Swapnanchya Palikadale as Aniket Gaydhani (Star Pravah)
  • Ranga Maaza Vegala (First Serial As lead Actor) (Sam Marathi)
  • Suvaasini as “Jayaraam” Mr. Tushar Dalvi’s son (Star Pravah)
  • Firuni Navi Namen Mi (Small Role) (Mi marathi)
  • Kaalaay Tasmee namah as Kailas, Mr.Vikram Gokhale’s Grand son (First TV serial) (Etv Marathi)

Marathi Natak/Play as Actor:  

  • Ek Tal Gaalaat – written by Mr. Dilip Jagatap
  • Purnaviraam (full stop)

Shashank Ketkar Marathi Actor Photos,Wallpapers :


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  1. He is the best among the young actors. Superb balanced sensible acting and equally amazing looks. His way of acting is not over the top, nor subdued. Its terrific combination of both. He is always a pleasure to watch : )

    • I have done my B.E. in Electronics and would like to say that its good that inspite of doing Masters he hasnt joined IT or other field. Else industry would have lost out on fab talent. Am simply amazed by his portrayal of “Shri”. The only serail I watch is this and the only reason I watch is him.
      He is damn good.

  2. I have done B.E. in Electronics and wud like to say that its good that inspite of doing his Masters, Shashank didnt join IT or other field else industry would have lost out on such fab talent. Am completely amazed by his portrayal of “Shri”. It s the only serial I watch and he is the only reason I watch that serial. He is too good : )

  3. Hiiiiii Shri, I would like 2 tell u dt I never used 2 watch marathi serials at all, bt u did it yaar, u made me to watch….. I LOVE U …….really u justified ds roll of shri, i jus watch it 2 see u, Plz n don’t cry dear, it make mee 2 … i know its jus a script mang,,,,bt still don’t, I am ur big big bigeer biggest fan…I dooun hv much knowledge abt actng bt u r d best…. keep smiling always

  4. I am in love with the serial Honar soon. I am watching Shashank for the first time and am absolutely in awe. He is good looking, charming,soft speaking and a great actor.
    Now that I found him I will see all of his other serials. This is the only serial which has kept my interest going. I simply love watching him.

  5. Hi , you are a gr8 & very very actor. Ur are such a genuine person. I dont watch much of serials bt i have started watching ths serial n nver thought of such a gr8 actor in marathi industry. U rock & kip rocking.God bless. Gud wishes

  6. u r simply gr8 & amazing superb actor dear. U perfectly fit into the character, a true gentleman & genuine person. U rock so kip rocking. Belate happy birthday dear!!!!!!!
    lots of luck & wishes.

  7. HI…..Its a very good serial…. Eka parikathesarkhi aahe…
    Baghayla khup awadta…. All characters have given good justice to their role…
    All the best… Shree u have done a good job…. Like watching you…

  8. hey “shree” u r so handsome yaar.. and ur acting is too good… i love it.. tejashree and ur chemistry on screen is superb.. honar soon.. madhye evdha chhan disto ki me fakt tuzya sathich hi serial pahate…..

  9. mi ataparant khup marathi serial pahilya ahe pan tumachi hi serial mi fakt eka karanamule pahate ……….fakt tujhamule becoz……….. i love u shree i wish ki mala tujhasarkha ch husband milava tu ani janhavi majhe ataparantche saglya jast favorite couple ahat

  10. Am surprised having such a best academics still you are in to acting…
    I never miss single episode of Honar sun…. really amazed watching u..very nice acting…keep it up..

  11. i find him very cute & sweet….!! the way he has potrayed himself in ”honar sun mi hya gharchi’ tv serial is outstanding!! i personally feel that this type of guy is always wished by every girl to be in her life!! i love you shashank… <3 you are the most cute person i have ever come across!! stay up with this….. <3

  12. Hi……..i m snehal…..mala tuji serial khup ch avadate…….me ti serial daily pahate & me 1tich nhi tar majya ghari sagle bagatat………..khupch chan ahe………i love you so much……

  13. Aplya ajjila (Bhagirathibai) tichya payala mithi marun mafi magat asatana tuzya cheheryavarche niragas bhav itke, mhanje itke avadle mhanu sangu, ki tuzya prematach padale ki re mi. ……. sandhya aajji

  14. प्रिय शशांक, तुझी मालिका “होणार सून………घराची” ही मालिका आम्ही दोघेही नियमित पाहून,
    परदेशी असलेल्या मुलाला भेटल्याचा आनंद घेत आहोत.आजच लोकसत्ता मध्ये तुझ्या व जानूच्या

    ठरत असलेल्या लग्न्नाची बातमी वाचली. खूप आनंद झाला. ही बातमी खरी होवो हीच ईछा.
    अरविंद आणि अरुंधति गाङगीळ , संगमनेर.वय,

  15. I like u as an actor as well as a human being.if ur values are same like shree then its good foe ur future.u have a bright future.Looking handsome .u r rocking as an actor on Tv now as u have followed by adolescent group as well as in adult.