31 Divas Trailer: Based on a Unique Subject

While our audiences regularly watch films with all the passion, they are not really aware of the world behind the camera in films! As there are not many Marathi films that show this world through films. And hence Shashank Ketkar & Mayuri Deshmukh starrer ‘31 Divas‘ is dealing with a unique subject with the right blend of entertainment.

The trailer of the film introduces us to an aspiring filmmaker played by Shashank Ketkar who is looking for an opportunity. But he faces a huge personal obstacle in his journey. Yet he overcomes it & decides to make his film in an extremely unique way.

That way as depicted in the trailer is the idea of preparing for the shoot for 30 days & then shooting the film in just one day! Hence the title ’31 days’! This idea sounds very interesting & makes us excited for the film. While we aren’t sure of such real acts of making cinema in one day in India, in Hollywood such attempts have been made recently!