Shashank Ketkar and Mrunal Dusanis Together in the New Colors Marathi Serial

He Man Baware Serial

Love need not be communicated with words! Eyes communicate in love! The beauty of love is that it can happen at the very first sight or it can happen slowly through friendship. But no matter what once it happens it changes your life upside down! Anu & Siddharth’s life too is about to change upside down!

How will Anu & Siddharth come together? When will that moment arrive? Ever since the promos of Colors Marathi’s new serial ‘Sukhachya Sarinni.. He Man Bawre’ that’s what the audiences is thinking about! And now the wait is over as the serial goes on air from 9th October at 8 pm! Written by Madhugandha Kulkarni, & produced by Mandar Devsthali’s ‘Ultra Creations’ & starring two crowd favorite actors Shashank Ketkar as Siddharth & Mrunal Dusanis as Anushri or Anu!

The serial also stars Vandana Gupte, Pradeep Patwardhan, Naina Apte, Sharmishtha Raut & others. Anushri believes in the philosophy of ‘when you can’t change your life, change your state of mind’. She takes care of her family & finds happiness in little things. On the other hand Siddharth is an exact opposite & his family is all set to get him married. Siddharth’s & Anu’s views on marriage too are opposite to each other! Hence it would be fun to witness their journey of falling in love!


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