The Magic of Ajay’s Voice in Ranjan Movie!

Ajay Gogavale has earned lots of love & greatness through his work as a composer alongside Atul. Ajay’s voice too is an integral part of their work. But now very soon, Ajay’s collaboration (as a singer) with another composer is coming to please us. Narandra Bhide is that luck composer! The song is titled ‘Lagira Zhala Ra’.

Recently the motion teaser of movie ‘Raanjan’ was released on social media & this surprise was revealed. In that motion teaser we can catch a glimpse of Ajay singing ‘Lagira Zhala Ra’. The lyrics of this song are written by Vaibhav Joshi.

‘Raanjan’ is a love story about youngsters & is directed by Prakash Janardhan Pawar. This might be the very first instance when Ajay is singing on someone else’s compositions. ‘Lagira Zhala Re’ sounds just as magical as every Ajay song we have loved before. Let’s hope from now on we can listen to his beautiful voice more often in Marathi films!