Dhurala Trailer: A Family Drama Rolled Into A Political Drama?

Ever since the first teaser of upcoming Marathi release ‘Dhurala‘ went out the excitement among Marathi film lovers has been on the peak! After a long long time Marathi audiences are anticipating a truly exciting Marathi film! Rightfully so as the names associated to this film from writer Kshitij Patwardhan, director Sameer Vidwans to the star studded cast of the film, all of it create expectations!

While the first teaser of the film hinted us that the film is set in a village and the politics within it. The trailer of the film goes deeper into that and now the film feels more like a story set in the internal politics of a political family! We believe the audiences might be treated with two genres in one and we might see two sides of the characters through these genres!

Sai Tamhankar, Ankush Chaudhari, Amey Wagh, Sonalee Kulkarni, Prasad Oak, Siddharth Jadhav, Alka Kubal & Umesh Kamat all these actors seem very natural in the trailer of the film and ‘Dhurala’ promises to give all of them their chance to shine! The film releases on 3rd of January 2020 and hopefully would start the new year on a great note for Marathi cinema.