Interview : Manasi Naik strikes the right notes & moves with ‘Baby Doll’!

Manasi Naik

Manasi Naik is one of the new breed of actresses who have taken Marathi entertainment industry by storm. Known for her superb dancing talent and acting ability, Manasi has decided to charter another territory. Now she debuts in singing with a peppy jazzy number called ‘Baby Doll’ which is taking up the music channels and social network in a tizzy. We spoke to the petite brown eyed beauty about her new singing debut. Here is what she has to tell us.

Your Baby Doll song is getting very popular. How does it feel?

I am feeling on top of the world because I didn’t expect my singing debut song to be such a hit with the listeners. I was always considered a good dancer and an actor but now I have proved myself to be a good singer also. I am indebted to the music composer Swaroop Bhalwankar for giving me this song.

Have you learnt music professionally?

You might be shocked to know that I have not learnt dancing, acting, or singing professionally but I have learnt everything on the job and so far it has worked out well and I am progressing in all three.

Who have been major influences on you as a singer?

I have always listened more to western songs with singers like Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, etc and very soon I will be singing and performing on an international single music video.

Does this mean acting and dancing will take a backseat?

No, Not at all. Today so many actors have taken up singing like Shraddha Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Aalia Bhatt and Salman Khan, etc and even during the 40’s and earlier decades it were the actors who used to sing songs and there is nothing wrong in that.
Manasi Naik - The Shadow Marathi Movie
You must be receiving many offers for lead roles or item numbers, especially because you have just won a major award for your film ‘Carry On Deshpande’?

Yes. I have but I wouldn’t like to disclose them at this moment.

When is your Hindi debut expected?

I am getting a few offers and am considering them but it is too early to announce about it now.

Between dancing, acting and singing what do you enjoy more?

I am in love with all the three mediums and I can’t differentiate between them.
Manasi Naik - Ekta Ek Power Still Photos
What do you think of fast paced item numbers that you perform?

I enjoy performing to such dances and even the audiences love me in such dances which are the crowd pullers.


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