Choratyancha Fad: a new soulful song from Chaurya

Choratyancha Fad Marathi Song From Movie Chaurya

Sameer Asha Patil’s new film “Chaurya” has created anticipation among audience with its amazing teasers. The teasers give us a glimpse of a plot of the film, but do not give away any hint of the lead actors. Interestingly, the song released on the social media “Choratyancha Fad” also does not showcase any actors from the film.

The song is a very soulful representation of the today’s temples where devotion takes a back step and money is given preference. The real dedication to the god does not matter much, but the power of money is more important. The expressive words of this song are penned by Vishnu Thore and amazingly sung by Adarsh Shinde. His voice carries a magical quality and gives a very soothing feeling to this song. The song has been composed by Mayuresh Kelkar.

Though the film is a thriller with amazing chase sequences and gun-fights, the song creates marvelous basis for this film. The film is based on a village where homes do not have doors. The village has a belief that their God punishes robbers but the belief gets shattered when a robbery occurs in the same temple.

The film is releasing on 5th August all over Maharashtra.