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Valentine’s Special on ‘Chala Hawa Yeu Dya’!

This week on ‘ChalaHawaYeuDya’ first on Monday we saw the team of ‘Dhyanimani’. And on Tuesday we can witness the valentine’s special episode with...

Ek Hoti Rani releasing on 19 February

Ek Hoti Rani, a love-story directed by Prasad Tarkar is getting ready for the release on 19 February. The film stars Aniket Vishwasrao and...

Mumbai Time Review : Loud and done-to-death gangster drama

Review : Mumbai Time (2016) Producer : Somnath Chitra Directer : Sushrut Bhagwat Star Cast : Umesh Kamat, Rahul Mehendale, Ramesh Bhatkar, Kishor Choughule, Mahesh Manjrekar, Deepak Shirke, Sanjay...

Ek Hoti Rani (2016) – Marathi Movie

  • Producer : Yogesh Nivrutti Bhalerao
  • Directer : Prasad Appa Tarkar
  • Release Date : 19th Feb 2016

Mumbai Time (2016) – Marathi Movie

  • Producer : Somnath Chitra
  • Directer : Sushrut Bhagwat
  • Release Date : 5th, February 2016

Review: Partu – Heartfelt, but inconsistent drama

Review :  Partu (2015) Producer : Nitin S. Adsul, Clark McMillian , Darrel Cox, Rupesh Mahajan and Sachin S. Adsul Directer : Nitin Adsul Writer : Nitin Adsul Star Cast : Kishor Kadam, Smita...

Partu (Marathi Movie) Trailer

Partu is an upcoming Marathi movie coming in December 2015 directed by Nitin Adsul, written by Nitin Adsul, Nitin Adsul, Clark B. McMillian Jr....

Partu producers shows their social responsibility

Partu, a film shot at Rajasthan and Maharashtra is in the news for its unusual plot and Indo-American connections. However, the producers of this...

Partu bags major awards at Asian Film Festival in Washington

Partu, a film based on a real life story of a boy has made its mark in the fourth DC South Asian Film Festival....

Partu selected for DC South Asian Film Festival

Partu – a film based on a true incident has been selected for the prestigious 4th DC South Asian Film Festival in USA. The...

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