Zee Yuva’s ‘Gulmohar’ Now Brings Parna Pethe & Akshay Tanksale Together in ‘Anamika’!

Zee Yuva’s ‘Gulmohar’ Now Brings Parna Pethe &; Akshay Tanksale Together in Anamika

Zee Yuva’s ‘Gulmohar’ is known for bringing its viewers some of the most heartfelt and beautiful love stories especially made for the youth. Today’s generation often forgets what is the true meaning of love; be it from a lover, mother, father or a sibling perspective and hence they lose the value of love in their life. ‘Gulmohar’ is a series which showcases different love stories every week to convey to the youth the idea of ‘true love’.

The upcoming story titled ‘Anamika’ will witness two of the most talented actors from the Marathi theatre and film industry, Parna Pethe and Akshay Tanksale come together portraying the role of Madhura and Shreyas respectively. Madhura is a very simple and straightforward girl who dresses in a basic attire whereas Shreyas possesses a completely opposite personality. Brought up in an extremely affluent and wealthy family, Shreyas has always lived in an open environment and considers his father to be his friend.

Madhura has a vivid passion for writing and loves to put pen to paper about her thoughts. She is also exceptionally creative and hence indulges in writing stories of various kind. On a particular day, Shreyas comes across a story written by Madhura and instantly falls in love. The question remains, does Shreyas fall in love with the story or the writer of the same?

So don’t forget to tune into Gulmohar every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30PM only on Zee Yuva