Sairat broke Natsamrat’s box office record of Rs. 41 crores in just 11 days. Its popularity literally spread like wild fire in Maharashtra, other cities in India and even abroad. People couldn’t help themselves from dancing to the tune of Zingat. Such love for a Marathi film is surely unparalleled.

After the success party that was held to celebrate the breaking of Natsmarat’s record last month, another success party was organised by Zee at the upscale Trident hotel at BKC in Mumbai. The cause for celebration was that Sairat has reportedly earned not only more than any Marathi film, but more than any film in any language in Maharashtra! And that is no mean achievement. By leaving the mighty Bollywood and Hollywood behind, Sairat has given Marathi cinema the confidence that given the right content and promotion, it can compete with any film industry. Veteran actor Sachin Pilgaonkar was given the honour of congratulating the team of Sairat for their unprecedented success. Ajay-Atul, Ankush Chaudhary and Amruta Khanvilkar and other stars of the Marathi film industry were also seen in attendance at the party.

Another major reason for the organization of the party was an important announcement made by Zee. The remake rights of the film in all the four South languages – Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu – have been sold to Rockline Venkatesh. Rockline Venkatesh is a major producer from the South who has produced 40+ films and has also produced Rajni’s Lingaa. They will be starting by remaking the film in Telugu first.

A revelation that took everyone by surprise last night was that Nagraj’s mother tongue is actually Telugu. However, he had an inferiority complex about his mother tongue so never really spoke it well. But, now, he said that he has an opportunity to go back to his roots by directing the Telugu version of Sairat.

The announcement was followed by a gala dinner and cocktail party


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