Hey Mann Zhale Tuze : New passionate song from Pindadan

Pindadan a film starring Manava Naik and Siddharth Chandekar is ready for the release. The makers of the film have released the song “Hey Mann Zhale Tujhe” on the social media platforms. The song features Manava and Siddharth in a very romantic situation.

The song has been sung by Anandi Joshi and composed by Sagar Dhote. Vaibhav Joshi has penned the lyrics. The song articulates soft and romantic expression of love through the attractive words. The song also has some passionate love making scenes picturised very beautifully. The feel of passion has been essayed by Manava and Siddharth is very good and justifies the emotions of the song completely.

Siddharth looks very cool and handsome in this film. Manava has never looked so sexy on the screen before. The silky voice of Anandi adds to the magic of the song. Use of instruments like Saxophone and flute makes the song more enchanting. The composer Sagar Dhote has manages to retain the freshness of this song in a very innovative way.

The film has been directed by Prashant Patil and written by Avinash Ghodke. The film also stars international actress Paula Mcclain in a very important role.
Pindadan will be releasing on the theatres on 17th June 2016.


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