Barayan Movie Trailer: Socially Relevant Entertainer!

Lot of Marathi films have been made in recent times involving a teenager as the main protagonist. But most of the times these films have been love stories. Other films which do involve the scenario of exam pressure where not dealing with this subject with a serious perspective. But ‘Barayan’ looks distinct from all those films. The trailer itself projects the serious perspective towards 12th Board exams & the confusion towards choosing a stream after the exams.

But the serious subject seems to be given a perfectly relatable treatment by the makers. The film seems like a complete entertainer. ‘Barayan’ stars many seasoned actors like Sanjay Mone, Nandu Madhav, Pratiksha Lonkar, Om Bhutkar, Vandana Gupte & in the lead a familiar child artist Anurag Worlikar.

Marathi cinema at this stage need films like ‘Barayan’ which can mix & match commercial cinema with socially relevant subjects. The film releases on 12th January all over Maharashtra & should not be missed!