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  • Name :  Siddharth Seema Chandekar
  • Birth date : June 14, 1991 Age : 27 years
  • Education : S D Katariya High School Pune
  • City : Pune, Maharashtra

About : Siddharth Chandekar is a well-known name in Marathi industry. Siddharth started his acting career in 2007 with hindi film ‘Hamne Jeena Sikh Liya’.  However, Siddharth made his debut in Marathi with popular tv serial Agnihotra, later he appeared in Avadhoot Gupte’s ‘Zenda’. Siddharth is best known for his role Ani in recent blockbuster film Classmates.

Siddharth Chandekar Filmography :

Siddharth Chandekar Movies List as Actor :

Marathi Natak/Drama As Actor :

  • Popat Panchi (2006)

Tv Serials :

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