Danga 2 BHK Star Pravah Premiere Movie (Short Story)

Danga 2 BHK Star Pravah Premiere Movie (Short Story) Cast

Star Pravah Premiere’, a unique and first-of-its-kind programming initiative on Marathi Television.

Star Pravah Premiere is a series of fresh and original short stories created by Star Pravah with production quality and treatment that will be as good as a feature film Star Pravah Premiere initiative and each of these short stories will be of two hour duration.

Star Pravah’s first short story under the Star Pravah Premiere initiative is ‘DANGA 2 BHK’

Story : 

The two college time lovers Ranjit and Sarika decide to get married. They
belong to different cultures, lifestyle, food habits and geographies. The young couple
begins their happily married life in Mumbai cty with the hope of having small and sweet ‘home’ of their own.

Sarika’s ‘Pune personified parents’ come to live with Ranjit and Sarika in Mumbai and stir the lifestyle of Ranjit & Sarika drastically. Hearing this, very emotional and extremely melodramatic mother of Ranjit, Maai gets panic attacks & Ranjit’s ‘Kolhapur personified parents’ also arrive at Ranjit and Sarika’s home

This is when the war between Pune and Kolhapur begins.

Aaba, Ranjit’s father disgusts Aai, Sarika’s mother with constant burping and various noises he makes while eating food and morning rituals. Sarika’s parents like true Punekars remain unaffected at the time of their afternoon nap even when Ranjit’s parents make fire for his evening tea.

Will the dream of Ranjit and Sarika to live a happily married life come true?

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