Akshay Kumar with young stars of Marathi movie “72 Miles Ek Pravas”

Akshay Kumar meets the child actors of Movie 72 Miles Ek Pravas

Recently Bollywood actor and producer, Akshay Kumar met the little stars of his and Ashvini Yardi’s first Marathi production under Grazing Goat Pictures, 72 MILES – EK PRAVAS in Mumbai.

The child actors namely Chinmay Sant playing Ashok, Chinmay Kambli as Rannu, Sharavani Solaskar playing Baiji and Isha Mane as Bhimi,  put in extra efforts to dress up for their very special meeting with their producer, Akshay Kumar.

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Akshay Kumar with young stars of Marathi movie 72 Miles Ek pravas
Akshay Kumar with young stars of Marathi movie 72 Miles Ek pravas

Shravani ensured she wore something pink since as per her observation, Akshay’s co-star Asin in a recently released film wore a lot of pink so she assumed it was Akshay’s favourite colour. Isha on the other hand wore a purple jacket , purple being her favourite colour whereas Chinmay Sant chose to ape Akshay’s style in his upcoming film, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara, completing his look with a similar haircut and shades. And Chinmay Kambli chose to wear his lucky shirt with the no. 35 printed on it, since it adds up to 8 and 8 is his lucky number.

Akshay Kumar met the four kids, briefly chatted with them in Marathi and posed for pictures.

Watch out for them in 72 Miles Ek Pravas releasing on 9th August, 2013.


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