Chumbak Trailer (Marathi Movie) : Funny yet Heartfelt!

Chumbak (Trailer) has been a highly awaited film for two reasons, one being the fact that this film has been highly appreciated at film festivals around the world & the second reason being the association of Bollywood Star Akshay Kumar as the presenter of the film. The trailer of the film introduces us to the basic plot of the film precisely.

Prasanna (Swanand Kirkire) is being conned by two young kids from Mumbai who are pretending to be the RBI governor! But instead this simple minded man doesn’t let them con him so easily, he just doesn’t leave them! In a way their destinies bring them together! What change do these characters undergo is to be seen in the film. And do they complete their desires or not also to be seen!

This journey seems to be both funny & heartfelt at the same time. The story of the film starts from Mumbai & later flows through different parts of Maharashtra. The trailer suggests the locations used in the film are real & they give an authentic feel to the film.