Classmates (2015)

Classmates Marathi Movie
  • Movie : Classmates (2015)
  • Producer : Suresh Pai
  • Director : Aditya Sarpotdar
  • Studio : Video Palace, S.K, Production Films
  • Star Cast : 
  • Screenplay : Kshitij Patwardhan, Sameer Vidwans
  • Dialogues : Kshitij Patwardha
  • Director Of Photography : K.K.Manoj
  • Editor : Imran-Faisal
  • Music : Amitraj, Avinash-Vishwajeet, Troy-Arif, Pankaj Padghan
  • Lyrics : Kshitij Patwardhan, Guru Thaakur, Manndar Cholkar, Satyajeet Ranade
  • Costume Design : Manali Jagtap
  • Publicity Designs : Ravi Jadhav
  • Executive Producer : Ninad Battin
  • Art Director : Mamohar Jadhav
  • Action Director : Mamohar Varma
  • VFX Producer : Amey Gosavi
  • Background Score : Troy-Arif
  • Chief Asst Director : Lucky Hansraj
  • Second Unit Director : Yogesh Phulphagar
  • Sound Design : Pramod Chandorkar
  • Sound Post : Sound Ideaz
  • D.I : Prasad Labs
  • Visual Promotions : Just Right Studioz
  • Genre : Drama, Romantic, Musical, Suspense
  • Release Date : 16th JAN 2015.

Plot Outline :
Do you miss your college days? The good old wooden bench, one by two cutting tea in the canteen, bunked lectures, morning shows, rose days, sports weeks, events in gatherings, most importantly your class and classmates?
It’s time to revisit. It’s time to open that Iron Gate and enter in the world you always liked the most. It’s time for CLASSMATES. Director Aditya Sarpotdar brings you a wonderful cinematic experience, a Marathi feature film “CLASSMATES”.
The film revolves around a group of students studying in TYBA in 1995. Packed with the spirit of youth, this film is homage to the best years of our lives. Insane fun, eternal friendships, blossoming romance, changing loyalties, life shaping decisions… all happens in those few years of college. It’s time to see how these years changed the life of these CLASSMATES forever?
So, get ready for this year’s most anticipated entertainer “CLASSMATE”

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