Online Binline (2015)

Online Binline Marathi Movie
  • Movie : Online Binline – e-motions to emotions (2015)
  • Producer : Shreyash P. Jadhav and Neeta P. Jadhav
  • Directer : Kedar Prabhakar Gaekwad
  • Studio : Ganraj Associates
  • Star Cast : Siddharth Chandekar, Hemant Dhome, Rutuja Shinde, Prasad Kamat, Pournima Manohar, Arun Nalawade.
  • Story : Hemant Edlabadkar
  • Screenplay : Hemant Edlabadkar
  • Music : Nilesh Moharir, Hrishikesh, Saurabh and Jasraj
  • Lyrics : Mandar Cholkar and Vaibhav Joshi
  • Singers : Sonu Nigam, Priyanka Barve, Hrishikesh Ranade, Prasanjeet Kosambi and Jasraj Joshi
  • Dialogues : Hemant Edlabadkar
  • Director of Photography : Kedar Prabhakar Gaekwad
  • Choreographer : Sujit Kumar and Piyush Panchal
  • Art Director : Santosh Phutane
  • Editor : Apurva Motiwale Sahai and Ashish Mhatre
  • Costumes : Kirti Jangam
  • Executive Producer : Sanjay Thube
  • Production Manager :
  • Sound Design : Pramod Chandorkar
  • Genre  : Romance-Comedy
  • Release Date : 3rd July 2015
  • Duration : Approx. 120 min

‘Online Binline, e-motions to emotions!’ is a story about a college boy with an addiction – to the internet – who falls in love with a girl.
His entire life is online. Instead of talking to his friends he sends a message on Facebook. Instead of smiling and laughing with his friends, he writes ‘lol’ and adds a smiley face. He can barely look up from his smartphone long enough to notice the world going by around him – or the people in it. He has no idea that it can be a problem, though his friends and family are getting worried for him.
The boy falls in love with a girl from his college and sets out to win her heart, but he doesn’t know how to. He has fallen so deep in to his addiction that he has forgotten how to talk to a real girl with real words – and real emotion. He knows how to talk online to anyone, but how does one talk to a real girl, face-to-face? How do real emotions work?
He consults the internet, the answer to everything. He finds the perfect website to help him win the girls heart –
The website, for a fee, tells him all the tricks to steal girl’s heart. What to say, what she likes and doesn’t like and what he has to do to win her over. Now, he is armed with what he needs to start winning her heart, to make her fall in love with him. Though now there is another hurdle, another boy is competing for her heart and this leads to some funny situations.
In the meantime, his friends and family are becoming increasingly concerned as the boy is sinks deeper and deeper in to the virtual world and away from the real one. His addiction is taking over, they need to intervene before it’s too late, though he doesn’t even realise he has a problem. They know he needs help and they will need help to do this, so they consult a Psychiatrist.
With the Psychiatrist’s expertise and advice they develop a plan. If they can make the boy realise he has a problem, he will be able to snap out of it, so they set the wheels in motion.
Online Binline is a fun film that is entertainment for the whole family. It is a story about love and life in the internet age, with a subtle message about finding the balance between the real and online worlds and that love is an emotion – not an e-motion.

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