Vaajlaach Paahije (2015) | Marathi Movie

  • Movie : Vaajlaach Paahije- Game ki Shinema (2015)
  • Producer : Atif Khan
  • Directer : R. Viraj
  • Studio : Channel U Entertainment
  • Star Cast : Bhalchandra (Bhau) Kadam, Chinmay Udgirkar, Girija Joshi, Rajesh Bhosle, Aarti Solanki
  • Writer : Parag Kulkarni
  • Screenplay : Bal-Amol
  • Music : Madhu Krishna and Praful Karlekar.
  • Lyrics : Haridas Kad & Mandar Cholkar
  • Singers : Adarsh Shinde, Pravin Kunwar, Rohit Raut, Avdhoot Gupte, Reshma Sonawne & Anandi Joshi.
  • Dialogues : Bal-Amol
  • Creative Producer : Mangesh Jagtap
  • Genre  : Thriller
  • Release Date : 26th June 2015

Vajlach Pahije written by Parag Kulkarni and directed by R. Viraj is a rib tickling Marathi film. It is a tribute to Dada Kondke, a Marathi actor and film Producer, who was known for his double entendre dialogues in the movie. The film revolves around a struggling director, Makarand Thokare alias Yash and a struggling actor, Raj, who try to cross all the hurdles to make a film and make it a big success for themselves. The two goons start their search for a Producer for their film. During the strive to make a film they come across a filthy Producer named Bhau Damdar who agrees to finance only on the condition of getting a beautiful heroine for the film.

Yash describes an unseen girl in such a way that Bhau is enthused and agrees to produce their film. He immediately springs them with advance and asks them to immediately get the heroine to him.

Yash and Raj’s hunt for a producer ends here, but the next hunt for the imaginary actress starts here. And their hunt ends at the Kolhapur Film City, where Raj accidentally meets his fake love, Supriya. Raj instantly informs Yash about the success of finding the girl. But Yash who stayed back with Bhau to discuss the script is upset as Bhau has finalized a horrendous script called Nal Damayanti- The Intimate Love Story!
Next day, everyone is excited to meet the heroine, particularly Bhau who has been day dreaming his Damayanti. The plot takes a turn when Raj gets Supriya to Bhau’s place and to everyone’s surprise Supriya is Yash’s sister!

Bhau with his sinister intentions and desires signs Supriya instantly and hands her a bag full of cash as her signing and another bag of cash to Yash to start the film but the film takes a turn by how they intend to make a genuine film with the allocated funds by deceiving Bhau, is the ultimate crux of the story.

Here after begins a hilarious plot of rescuing Supriya from Bhau’s clutches and shooting a film of his choice using Bhau’s money. Will they succeed in their mission? Raj and Supriya really fall in love? What efforts they take to save Supriya from Bhau and how successfully they complete their film – Producer Jomaat Director Comaat!

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