Dandi Jhali Gul Song: A Song Celebrating Failing in Exams

Lyrics penned by Guru Thakur & composed by Amitraj ‘Dandi Jhali Gul’ is an fun celebratory song from upcoming Marathi film ‘Premwaari’ starring Chinmay Udgirkar & Mayuri Kapadne in the lead. Sung by Amitraj, Aditya Patkar & Harsh Wavare, this song is about a group of hostel/college friends celebrating their failure in exams!

No matter how careless they sound, they are actually right in their way as exams don’t define success or failure in your life. A person can be successful in life even when he/she fails at exams. Exams are not the only measure of excellence.

Beyond that the song will certainly flashback your memories of hostel or college. Times in which we don’t have any responsibilities and are like free birds! It’s the most fun phase of our life when we are yet unaware about the real bad world outside & we are enjoying our youth! ‘Premwaari’ releases in theatres on 8th of February & is a college based romantic drama.