5 Biopics We Would Like To See in Marathi Cinema in the Near Future

    The Pu La Deshpande biopic ‘Bhaai – Vyakti Kee Valli’ released in theatres in the first week of the year & is got a great response from audiences as well as critics. In Diwali, we witnessed the amazing life of ‘Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar’ in the Subodh Bhave starrer biopic! And now biopic of Balasaheb Thackeray has released in both Hindi & Marathi! In this completely biopic dominant atmosphere, we would like to propose 5 more biopics that should be made in Marathi cinema in the near future!

    1. Sant Gadge Baba 

    Unlike countless pseudo Babas of today’s times, Sant Gadge Baba had nothing to do with religion or blind faith! Rather Gadge Baba inspired people to think rationally & question every belief that is been thrust upon them. Gadge Baba was also a firm believer in cleanliness so much so that he is forever considered as the icon of many cleanliness programmes that are undertaken even now! Interestingly a film was even made on Gadge Baba starring Mohan Joshi as ‘Gadge Baba’. But unfortunately, it never released in theatres & was stuck in the post-production!

    Whom would we like to play Gadge Baba? 

    Of course Mohan Joshi! We wish that film releases at least now or whenever a new film is made we would again want Mohan Joshi to play Gadge Baba!

    2. Neelimkumar Khaire 

    Not a hugely popular name, but an incredibly great man who has dedicated his life to the world of snakes & different animals & our environment! Neelimkumar Khaire is an Environmentalist and Herpetologist who has an unbelievable record of spending 72 hours with 72 highly poisonous snakes in an 8 feet by 8 feet glass chamber! Not even a single snake bite him & survived the challenge! After that, he spent all his life working for the welfare of snakes & other animals! He even lost one hand during his journey, but he says his hand was not lost because of snake’s poison but because of the carelessness of the doctors who treated him! Know more about him & his inspiring, thrilling journey in this interview.

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    Interview Credits: Maharashtra1 TV

    Whom would we like to play Neelimkumar Khaire?

    Since this great man’s journey starts from his young age, we would name three actors to play him at different stages of his life! The younger role should be played by Suvrat Joshi, the middle-aged by Girish Kulkarni & the older one by Dr. Mohan Agashe!

    3. Nikhil Wagle 

    If you’ve seen the above interview, well we wish to know more about the interviewer himself! Nikhil Wagle is a senior reporter who has worked on many different channels & newspapers, magazines. No matter where he worked he has always voiced his opinion clearly & openly! Many hate him, many idolize him but none can ignore him! He has been an eye witness of the changing Maharashtra & India in the time period of over 3 decades! His life story certainly deserves to be told on screen!

    Whom would we like to play Nikhil Wagle? 

    This is quite a simple choice! Our beloved Jitendra Joshi is tailor-made to play Nikhil Wagle!

    4. Dr. Narendra Dabholkar 

    Do we even need a justification here? A man who was killed just because he was helping people become aware of the blind faith happening around them. He was never against any religion yet he had to become a martyr. His life is inspiring in every way. His selfless act of eradicating blind faith from our country brought together many like-minded young & old individuals & even today after 5 years of his assassination, these inspired people are still doing their work of eradicating blind faith!

    Whom would we like to play Dr. Dabholkar?

    While this is a really difficult choice but we believe we have one great actor who can pull off any difficult role, & he is the extremely versatile Dilip Prabhawalkar!

    5. Nilu Phule

    The obvious choice isn’t this! There isn’t a bigger iconic Marathi actor in the history of Marathi cinema than our beloved Nilu Bhau! While he was more popular for negative roles in films, he did play all kinds of character in different films & even plays! But more importantly, Nilu Bhau was known as a gold-hearted human being! He lived his life with utter simplicity & always participated in social work. He gave back much more than what he got from society!

    Whom would we like to play Nilu Phule?

    The supremely talented Sagar Karande would be our choice!