Hansraj Jagtap Interview : Education is very important for me

Hansraj Jagtap

Hansraj Jagtap, an actor from a small town like Beed has won National Award for his acting in Dhag. His portrayal of Kisany has won him MICTA Awards. His next release will be Shantanu Tambe directed “Yaari Dosti” a film about friendship. This teenager spoke with Marathistars.com about his first film and upcoming projects.

Tell us about your journey as an actor?

I used to dance on Bollywood songs a lot. My mother sent me to dance class, where I started saying filmy dialogues. I gave some auditions as well. I was selected for Dhag, which gave me identity as an actor. Then I went for a screen test of Yaari Dosti.

Tell us about your family background?

I am the youngest among four siblings. My father is a teacher, so he was mostly outside of the house. My mother supported my talent and passion for acting. I was a very naughty child; my father thought that I am just wasting my time in this field. However when he saw me on the screen he was very proud. He realized that I might be successful here. Now he supports me wholeheartedly.

How do you manage your busy schedule of shooting and study?

Though, I have a great passion for acting, still I think my education is important for me. I scored 80% for my SSC and 79% for my HSC. Currently I am pursuing my degree in Arts.

Can you tell us more about your film Dhag?

I was taken by Abhijeet Zadgaonkar, an assistant director of Dhag for the auditions. I was very scared and did not think that I will be selected among 150 children. When I got a call from the production house, still I could not believe it. When the actual shooting started, I was still baffled in front of senior actors like Upendra Limaye and Usha Jadhav. As I was the youngest among the cast, I was treated with chocolate and ice-creams.

What was your first reaction after winning National Awards?

Frankly, I was blissfully unaware of these awards. I thought it will be just like another trophy. When Abhidada told me about what these awards are and what is it to win them, I was just speechless. What an amazing feeling it was!

Tell us about your next release- Yaari Dosti?

My character name is Gatar. As the name suggests he is a sadakchhaap street-smart guy. He has all the bad habits of drinking and smoking. Though he is poor and illiterate, he is very intelligent and has super memory. I enjoyed playing this character.

What does friendship means to you?

Friendship can change your life. The right person as your friend can make your life. For me, Abhidada who gave me a film like Dhag and my friend Mahesh from Beed are such two friends.


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