Chocolate Boy Siddharth Chandekar’s ‘Hatke’ Entry on Zee Yuva!

Currently Marathi cinema is enjoying great love from the audience. All the artists are henceforth experiencing stardom. Marathi television too is not long behind in this stardom. Since artists who act in TV meet the audience on regular basis, they become a part of their day to day lives, TV stars too enjoy similar sort of stardom. Many film artists are hence not reluctant to join TV.

In the midst of these stardom stories ‘Zee Yuva’ has become a special channel for all the youngsters. Their youthful & inventive serials like Bun Maska, Freshers, Love Lagna Locha, Ithech Taka Tambu, Shravanbal Rockstar & the special show Yuvagiri have become hugely popular among all the youngsters.

So, Siddharth Chandekar will soon be joining this youthful team of Zee Yuva through Bun Maska serial. Siddharth has previously worked on TV but now he is returning on TV with a sense of thankfulness towards his fans. In Bun Maska, the character ‘Aishwariya’ the friend of Maitrayi has a huge crush Siddharth Chandekar. Which means Siddharth will be playing himself in this unique performance. Siddharth didn’t give a second thought to accept this role as he is aware about the love & accolade Bun Maska & Zee Yuva is getting from all youngsters including his fans.