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  • TV Serial : Freshers (Zee Yuva)
  • Producer : Sanjay Jadhav, Deepak Rane
  • Director : Aniruddha Shinde
  • Production House : Dreaming 24 Seven
  • StarCast :
    • Shubhankar Tawde as Samrat Patil
    • Mitali Mayekar as Sayali Bankar
    • Amruta Deshmukh as Pari Deshmukh
    • Rasika Vengurlekar as Renuka Bhilare
    • Rashmi Anpat as Manava Raje
    • Onkar Raut Dhaval Mithbavkar
    • Siddharth Khirid as Nirav Desai
    • Vidyadhar Joshi as Principal
  • Story : Sanjay Jadhav, Ashish Pathare
  • Screenplay & Dilogues : Ashish Pathare
  • Music : Swapnil Nandgaonkar
  • Cinematography : Sandip Dhumal
  • Editor : Amey Godkar
  • Art Director : Mahesh Salgaonkar
  • Makeup & Costumes : Ashwini Kocharekar, Santosh Gilbile
  • Channel : Zee Yuva
  • Starting Date : 22nd August 2016
  • Starting Time : 7:00 Pm Monday To Friday

Story Outline : Freshers is the story of seven young students who just stepped in the collage for graduation. Coming from different backgrounds with their own dreams and ambition, together they enjoy a beautiful journey of discovering themselves. It gives us the realisation of how friends makes you believe on life and inspire us to enjoy it despite of all the odds coming in our way. So let’s celebrate the magical journey of friendship together with the seven vibrant, colourful, innocent, cute Freshers.

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Title Song Credit :

  • Title Song Singer : Amitraj, Kasturi Wavare, Aarti Kelkar, Harshavardhan Wavare
  • Title Song Lyrics : Valay Mulgund
  • Title Song Music : Amitraj


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