Amhi Dogha Raja Rani : Star Pravah’s Brand New Family Comedy

It’s said that two opposite poles attract each other & that causes friction. This friction may also give birth to the feeling of love. Star Pravah is bring you a similar love story of friction. From 14th November onwards ‘Amhi Dogha Raja Rani’ goes on air every Monday to Saturday at 9.30 pm.

Parth & Madhura live in a joint family. But this isn’t a normal joint family it’s full of weirdly funny characters & these characters keep causing friction in the relationship of Parth & Madhura. This unique storyline has been given a unique fresh treatment by the Star Pravah team. It’s a sort of fam-rom-com. We mean a Family Romantic Comedy!

Theis serial is produced by Sangita Rakesh Sarang under the banner ‘Campusclub’. It’s written by Vijay Patwardhan, Sameer Choughule & Abhijit Pendharkar & the responsibility of direction is on Sanchit Vartak. The serial stars a cute Jodi of Mandar Kulkarni & Dipti Lele along with Milind Phatak, Vinay Yedekar, Maithili Warang, Sulekha Talwalkar, Shital Shukla & other humorous actors.

Now with ‘Amhi Dogha Raja Rani’ & a range of new serials & shows like ‘Vikta ka Uttar’ Star Pravh continues to provide wholesome fresh content to the audience justifying their new motto ‘Aata Thambaycha Nay’!