Bhaai – Vyakti Kee Valli Part 2 Trailer: More Eventful & More Emotional!

The first part of the Pu La Deshpande biopic ‘Bhaai – Vyakti Kee Valli‘ entertained the audiences thoroughly! Giving them a fun light-hearted entertainer! The second part that releases on 8th February seems more emotional as it seems to cover many serious events that happened in Pu La’s life.

The trailer also puts light on how Pu La became familiar with theatre in a big way. This was the phase where Pu La changed the history of Marathi theatre with his one man show! He is also known to be the first stand up comedian in Marathi! Though his style of stand up comedy was different than what we see now.

Along with the many legends that Pu La met in his life as shown in the first film. Here too we are introduced to many such legends like the great writer Vijay Tendulkar (Vikram Gaikwad), Bhakti Barve (Deepti Lele) & Vijaya Mehta (Madhura Velankar-Satam). Just like the first part this film too has beautiful music! Along with Sagar Deshmukh & Irawati Harshe Pu La & Sunita Bai are also played by Vijay Kendre & Shubhangi Damle in the final act of their life!