Jago Mohan Pyare – Zee Marathi Serial

Jago Mohan Pyare Zee Marathi Serial
  • TV Serial : Jaago Mohan Pyare| जागो मोहन प्यारे
  • Also Known as : Jaadubai Joraat, Jadu Bai Jorat
  • Producer : Vidyadhar Pathare, Manish Dalvi
  • Director : Omkar Madan Dingore
  • Production House : Iris production
  • StarCast :
    • Atul Parchure as Mohan
    • Supriya Pathare as Shobha
    • Shruti Marathe as Genie (Bhanumati)
    • Usha Naik as Shobha’s Mother
    • Prithvik Pratap
    • Atharva Sanjay as Manya
    • Disha Danade
  • Story : Omkar Madan Dingore
  • Screenplay : NA
  • Dialogues : NA
  • Music : Rohan – Rohan
  • Title Song Music : NA
  • Sound Recording : NA
  • Cinematography : Mihir Mahidhar
  • Editor : Kishor Ghanekar
  • Art Director : Bhagyashree, Satish
  • Makeup : NA
  • Costumes : Sampada Mahadik
  • Graphics & Animation : NA
  • Online Editor : NA
  • Assistance Director : Sonam Pawar
  • Co-Producer : NA
  • Channel : Zee Marathi
  • Starting Date : 14th July 2017
  • Starting Time : 10:30 Pm Monday to Friday

Story Outline :

Last week in the 10.30 pm slot of Zee Marathi a new serial ‘Jago Mohan Pyare’ started its telecast. This new serial starring Atul Parchure, Supriya Pathare & Shruti Marathe replaced the hugely popular ‘Dil Dosti Dobara’ in that time slot. But ‘Jago Mohan Pyare’ too has grabbed the attention of our audiences with its unique blend of reality, humour & fantasy.

The story of a frustrated common man who lives in chawl with his dominating wife & the entry of a fairy like women who changes his life! The humour in these first few episodes of ‘Jago Mohan Pyare’ reminded us of the humour of Maharashtra’s favourite writer & performer Pu La Deshpande.

Moreover Shruti Marathe’s character brings in a unique twist of fantasy in this serial. This whole mixture together is definitely refreshing & once again Zee Marathi has succeeded in giving fresh new content to the audiences. Watch ‘Jage Mohan Pyare’ every Monday to Saturday at 10.30 pm on Zee Marathi.

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