Dil Dosti Duniyadari: A story about friendship

Dil Dosti Duniyadaari - Zee Marathi Serial Cast

Friendship blloms when you are away from your family. Dil Dosti Duniyadari is a new youthful program on Zee Marathi trying to capture this essence of friendship. The series will be shown from every Monday to Saturday at 10:30 pm on Zee Marathi.

The story revolves around six friends. Kaivalya, Ashutosh, Sujay, Anna, Meenal and Reshma. Everyone of these have come to Mumbai in search of a dream. Career, family, struggle is their main aim. However, after staying away from their family, they start becoming each other’s family. Spending their youthful days in a completely dhamal and careless way how they achieve their struggle?

Even though the plot reminds us of iconic American show “Friends”; this serial has been transformed to suit the tastes of Marathi audience. Amey Wagh, Suvrat Joshi, Pushkar Chirputkar, Sakhi Gokhale, Pooja Thombre will be playing six leads in this serial. The series is directed by Vinod Lavekar and written by Sanjay Jadhav and Ashish Pathre. Dialogues and screenplay have been penned by Manaswini Lata Ravindra.

After watching daily marathon of all the possible relationships and family problems, we hope that this serial brings a much required breeze of fresh air on our TV .


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