Ketan Pawar is back again as Lalya in Katti Batti

Remember Suresh Mhatre aka Surya from Sujay Dahake’s Shala? His mischievous smile and dialogues with perfect timings gave an instant recognition to Ketan Pawar. Ketan is once again returns with his new film “Katti Batti”. The film is ready for release on 6 March.

Here is some chitchat with Ketan about this film..

So, you have done Shala, Popat and now Katti-Batti. We would like to know how this journey started.

Basically I am from Pune. I did my college education from Bruhan Maharashtra Commerce college. While studying there I started working with a theatre group “Natak Company” This exposure gave me a chance to get friends like Alok Rajwade, Amey Vagh, Siddharth Menon, Nipun Dharmadhikari, Dharmakeerti Sumant. These friends made me what I am today! I became more intrigued with theatre and acting. Natak Company also taught me back stage help, music and other technical details apart from acting. Sujay Dahake was auditioning for Shala that time, and he selected me for the role pf Surya. That was my debut in commercial cinema.

Now, Back to Kattibatti. What is this film all about?

The adolescence is a tricky time period for [parents and children. The kids undergo various emotional and physical changes. The role of a parent is very important during this turbulent time. The film deals with such situations.

What is your role in this film?

I am playing Lalya. This is a very different role from what I have done earlier. Lalya is a genuine friend. He knows what the definition of friendship is. There is a slight comical touch to this role but has various shades as well.

Don’t you think this is more like Surya?

No, Surya and Lalya both are similar in terms of their understanding of friendship. But Lalya is more matured. He can take his own stand firmly about certain issues.

How was your experience working with Rajendra Pawar?

Though this film is based on adolescent times,. It is quite different from what we have seen earlier. Katti Batti deals with this subject on various fronts. It also talks about parents’ angle. I also get to work with actors like Vilaj Ujawane, Arun Nalavade, Sanjeevani Jadhav. Director Rajendra Pawar is very clear about what he wants to portray, also he gives freedom to actors.

What are your future projects?

My two films will be releasing this year. In both films, I am doing the main lead. Fingers crossed for these films!! Let’s hope audience loves them as much as they have loved me earlier.


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