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Review: Than Than Gopal – Noble concept, bad execution

Review: Than Than Gopal (2015) Director: Karthik Shetty Producers: Om Ganesh Production Writer: Karthik Shetty Cast: Milind Gunaji, Milind Gavali, Vivek Chabukswar, Suzanne Bernert Music: Amit Shetye Genre: Drama By: Keyur Seta Rating : 1.5/5 Review: In director Karthik...

Chris Gayle expresses to watch Than Than Gopal

Chris Gayle, a smash-hit batsman from West Indies has announced on Twitter that he is planning to watch Marathi film Than Than Gopal very...

Than Than Gopal gets thumbs up from Rajkumar Hirani

Than Than Gopal- a film directed by Kartik was recently praised by none other than Bollywood’s most successful director Rajkumar Hirani after a special...

Than Than Gopal (2015) – Marathi Movie

  • Producer : Siddanth Mahesh Shetty
  • Directer : Kartik Shetty
  • Release Date : 30th Oct 2015

Than Than Gopal: Music and First look launched

Than Than Gopal – a film directed by southern director Karthik Shetty recently released its first look and music in Mumbai. The trailer was...

Than Than Gopal: A Marathi film by Southern director

After VK Prakash from Kerala directed Marathi film Shutter another director from South is ready with his new Marathi film. The film stars Milind...

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