Aani Kay Hava Web Series Review: Priya Bapat & Umesh Kamat Enthral us by their Charming Chemistry

Aani Kay Hava MX Player Marathi Web Serier

Quick Viewpoint: ‘Aani Kay Hava’ is solely dependent on it’s two actors (there’s almost no one else) and the chemistry between them. While it stumbles upon a little in the beginning it still gives us some heartfelt and fun moments to cherish.

What Works?

  • As said above first and foremost it’s Priya and Umesh’s ease and charm that makes this series worth a watch, follow that by the fact that they are still playing characters and are not just being themselves. ‘Saket’ & ‘Jui’ are very well established characters with specific traits (that are very much relatable to today’s newly married couples) and that makes room for more seasons to come!
  • The last two episodes take the series to it’s peak. While a similar easy breazy light hearted tone is ever present, the second last episode turns out extremely funny and rewatchable while the last episode brings out the heart of the series and of Jui & Saket’s relationship!
  • No matter how objective one tries to be, this series being free to consume makes a lot of difference in our expectations from it! Had it been streamed on a monetized platform we might have expected some more substance rather than just the light hearted harmless fun. So yes since it’s not a film screened in a theatre, or a web series streamed on a monetized platform, ‘Aani Kay Hava’ as the name suggests makes us feel content!

What Fails? 

  • The first two episodes suffer from over stretching of the available content. I mean the dialogues as the scenario stays the same everywhere. The dialogues being essential to this series as the series is basically just two people talking, that’s all!
  • Overall the length of the series is around 1 hr 45 minutes, (actually even lesser if the credits from every episode are subtracted) and it is distributed into 6 different scenarios as 6 episodes. When put together the length might seem suitable for a film, but it’s not a film in any possible way. There’s no real problem here but maybe to be called a ‘web series’ the series should have been longer! At least twice this length!

Final Verdict: Director Varun Narvekar has explored the new medium effectively and we need to realize that this seems more like a trial! We surely should anticipate more quality work in Marathi through this medium.