‘Fantastic’ Lavani Song – Sanngto Aika

Presenting the dashing, exciting and ‘Fantastic’ lavani sung by Urmila Dhangar from the upcoming movie ‘Sanngto Aika’ starring Sanskruti Balgude.

Mee Naar Thaskyachi, Jashi Ki Aag Ishkaachi… Mishimadhe Baghun Hastoy Takamaka, Fantastic Mhantoy Mala Hyo… is the song written by noted writer & lyricist Guru Thakur. Urmila Dhangar’s vigorous voice has carved out a very impressive song that has been picturised innovatively. Leading music director duo Avinash-Vishwajeet has composed the song.

Sanngto Aika’ a film produced by Vidhi Kasaliwal and directed by Satish Rajwade will be release on 2nd October 2014 all over Maharashtra.


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