Ravi Kishen In Marathi Movie Madhyamvarga

Actor Ravi Kishen will be taking on the role of a journalist for the Marathi film Madhyamvarga- The Middle Class. The Bhojpuri superstar, who has seen a fair share of success on television reality shows and in Hindi cinema is excited about his foray into Marathi films. “I have been born and brought-up in Mumbai. And I have been longing to play a role in a Marathi film. When Harry Fernandes (director) narrated the story of Madhyamvarga – The Middle Class, I found it interesting,” said the actor who has worked with the director before.

Ravi’s Hindi is quite fluid but is he nervous about speaking Marathi? “I am reasonably proficient in Marathi, but I am going to pay serious attention to different facets of my role and getting the pronunciations right,” said Ravi who plans to dub for the role himself.

Marathi theatre and film actor Siddhartha Jadhav plays a cop in the film. Siddhartha, who has shared screen space with Ravi earlier in a Telugu film, is also known to share a close friendship with the star and is looking forward to working in the film.