Marathi Taraka performs at distant island of Andaman

Marathi Taraka at Andaman Nicobar Island

Andaman Nicobar islands immediately remind is of Swatatryaveer Savarakar and his imprisonment. Now a days, these islands are known as a tourist destinations, very few people are aware that there is a huge Marathi diaspora called as Laxmi Nagar on the Campbell Bay Island. These people are staying here for the past four decades without any civic infrastructures and basic amenities. Marathi Taraka, an event produced by Mahesh Tilekar recently performed at this island. Neha Pendse, SmitaTambe, Hemangi Kavi, Teja Devkar, Smita Shewale, Pooja Sawant, Sanskruti Balgude, Shruti Marathe, Smita Gavankar and stand-up comedian Deepak Deshpande were part of this performance.

Marathi Taraka has been performing for various social causes. This even was showcased in Rashtrapati Bhavan, Indo-Pakistan border.

Campbell Bay is geographically a very distant place to reach as it is 36 hours by sea from the main Andaman Island. The Indonesia border is just 30 miles from this island. Hence, it is a sensitive area, Many Marathi families have been staying here from 1972. The entire island was destroyed in Tsunami. Laxmi Nagar still lacks facilities like power, television. Yet, the residents were overjoyed by this event. They prepared special Marathi food like Varanbhat, Coconut Barfi, Gavhaacheekheer for the visitors. They thanked the entire team by presenting bouquet of wild flowers and ornaments made of shells.