Shooting Akalpith was like a roller coaster ride – Sumaydh Gaikwad

It’s difficult to be an all rounder, but Sumaydh Gaikwad manages it pretty well!

Apart from few short films and serials, Sumaydh has also worked in movies like Zenda and Maurya. Sumaydh is also playing an important role in upcoming psychological thriller Akalpith. We are today bringing a interview of Sumaydh Gaikwad for his fans across the country.

Q. Apart from being an actor, you’ve been in to photography for quite a while.How does the transition from a photographer to an actor feel?

Basically I had started as an actor first when I was doing my college but that time because of studies I had to take a foot back from acting. I used to work for doordarshan. After that I completed ‘Masters in Photography’ and also have done acting school from ‘Barry john acting studio’. I started with photography but always wanted to get back to acting and here destiny got me back with Akalpith. It feels like finding a pearl deep down the ocean named film industrySumaydh Gaikwad Marathi Actor

Q. Do you identify with the character you are playing in Akalpith anyway?

Yes to a certain extent cause Raj is a confident, flamboyant personality. He is a personality which every boy dreams to be like. I believe that I was always confident in my life in whatever I did may it be photography, designing or whatever. It was only my confidence which got me to great heights for eg. I have won international photography award for best digital photography among participants from 13 countries.

Q. How was your experience while working with Prasad achrekar ji as a director?

Prasad acharekar is a person with extraordinary thoughts, his knowledge about mythology, psychology & creativity is way beyond a normal person could understand or even think of. One thing I learnt from him is ‘trusting your insights‘ . He is a director who always trusted on his views rather than listening to what others say.
My experience with him was a different learning process of thoughts, ideas, clear vision and firm decisions.

Q. How was your experience while shooting akalpith? Any incidence you would like to share with our audience?

Shooting Akalpith was like a roller coaster ride…

The most important incidence took place while shooting for Akalpith..and the incidence is that I became a Father…I still remember we completed one day of shoot and had a break the next day that evening I got a call that my wife had to rush to the hospital for delivery. I was very much tensed that I had shoot next morning and what to do now?

That time Acharekar ji (director) and my co artists told me you go right now to mumbai as I was at Nasik for shoot…I was about to leave and I got the news that I have become a father of a baby boy…I was so damn happy and even sad that I was not with my wife at that moment. But I left at night just met my wife at 2:00 AM and I was told that my baby was having a bit problem and is kept in the incubator in other hospital which will open at 9 am in the morning.Next morning I just saw my baby in the incubator and came back to the nasik.
I was feeling very sad that I could not even take my baby in hand or I am not even able to be with my wife or child at that time and somewhere I realised this is what it takes when you have to chase your dreams. Becoming an actor just doesnt mean name and fame but it needs patience, hard work and a support which my wife Aesha needed at that moment but she gave me instead.

Q. Acting, photography and designing ! What fascinates you more?

Acting is my soul, photography is my heart and designing is my mind…but if to answer your question ACTING facinates me more. 🙂

Q. What is your message to audience?

My message for audience is spread the fire….Akalpith
Watch akalpith and give ur love and blessings to Raj and the whole team of Akalpith……and I promise that each one of you would take Raj with you in your heart while leaving from theater after watching Akalpith.
Thank you Sumaydh for such a wonderful interview.
Akalpith to be released on February 28, across Maharashtra. Stay Tuned !