Zee Yuva’s Prem He Song Review: A Soulful Tribute to the Valentine Month!

Prem He Marathi Song Zee Yuva

On 4th Feb 2017 Zee Yuva uploaded a new video on their social media outlets. ‘Prem He’ sung by the melodious voice of Maharashtra Hrishikesh Ranade & Ketaki Mategaonkar, written by Mandar Cholkar & composed by the exceptionally talented Nilesh Mohrir. All these people associated with the song are genuine romance experts, especially Nilesh who has developed a fan following over the years composing one masterpiece after another.

We are introduced to the five couples at the beginning of the song. Couples that belong to all age groups from the teenagers Prathamesh Parab & Ayli Ghiya to senior citizens Vandana Gupte & Satish Pulekar. Then we also have Spruha JoshiSiddharth Chandekar, Vaibhav TatwawadiTejashree Pradhan & Sunil Barve-Veena Jamkar representing different stages of romance. What this implies is that ‘Prem He’ will appeal to audiences of all ages. Because no matter what people of all ages are in love & share the mutual feeling of romance.

Prem He Marathi Song Zee Yuva

As we all know 14th Feb is celebrated as Valentine’s day worldwide. A day that is completely dedicated to love. So it means Zee Yuva is treating us on this occasion through ‘Prem He’. Soon we’ll know more about it. Meanwhile we can’t help but notice the beauty of this song alone. It’s a complete story in itself. There is love, care, friendship & also a bit of pain. We can notice Spruha-Siddharth’s relationship that symbolizes pain.

The cinematography of this little video too appeals beautifully. What if we are treated by anything bigger of this sort? Of course we would love it!


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