Review : Bugadi Maazi Sandli Ga – A Retro Love Story

  • Review : Bugadi Maazi Sandli Ga
  • Producer : Shyam Singhania
  • Directed By : Mansingh Pawar
  • Studio : Von Ryans Entertainment, Ticket Films.
  • Star Cast : Kashyap Parulekar, Manasi Moghe, Mohan Joshi, Deepa Chaphekar, Ramesh Bhatkar, Ila Bhate.
  • Story Screenplay and Dialogues : Mansingh Pawar
  • Music : Pravin Kuwar, Babhru Bhosale, Sachin Desai, Dipesh Desai
  • Genre : Drama
  • Review By : Sandeep Hattangadi

Rating: * *


This is a love tale about a westernized boy Indrajeet (Kashyap Parulekar) and Shubhangi (debutant Manasi Moghe) a lavni folk dancer. Subhangi is an orphan raised by a Tamasha dancer Chandraprabha Sanglikar (Deepa Chaphekar) who has a relationship with Raosaheb (Mohan Joshi). Keeping the trend of Tamasha movies in Marathi, however the film fails to grasp the nuisances of this genre.

The film is directed by veteran director Mansingh Pawar. Indrajeet is a rich heir who comes to India after ten years in US learning western classical singing. His parents Appasaheb and Padmaja Mohite (Ramesh Bhatkar and Illa Bhate) express the need to look after the family business. However, Indrahjeet has other interests, he wants to study the lavni and tamashas singing and so he befriends the beautiful folk dancer Shubhangi. Songs, dances, music, lavani.. what else is required here? These both artistes fall in love. However given their family backgrounds, we are assured that this is not going to be a mushy love story. On top of that Raosaheb, a perfect villain has an eye on Shubhangi. Well, anybody can guess.

For this type of film, the biggest strength should be its music. Bugadee completely fails on this aspect. No song is remembered by the audience once film is over. Even during the film, the songs hinder the drama. The first half is just spent on good ol’ Boy meets girl scenario. Second half has some drama, but it’s too predictable. The plot of the revolves around tamasha, yet it does not give any justice to this folk art. The main lead looks completely alien in traditional lavani dress. Neither she has any grace or dance skill for such role. Mansi Moghe, a pageant beauty queen does not look even an inch of Lavni dancer. Even in acting department, it is better not to comment.

Choreographer Deepali Vichare’s has done a wonderful job while keeping the dance routines simple and traditional. But it has no impact on audience, which is a pity! Kashyap proves himself to be a good actor and does better than his debut film ‘Taptapadi’. Illa Bhate, Ramesh Bhatkar, Deepjyoti Naik, Deepa Chaphekar, Megha Ghadge support, well. Mohan Joshi is his usual evil self and essays his role with aplomb. The editor could have trimmed the film in the first half as the tempo of the film in the first half is slow and doesn’t grab the audience’s attention other than the interesting opening sequence.

All in all a film meant for the interiors and stations like Kolhapur, Sholapur but the multiplex audiences won’t patronize the film and the film is likely to do well in the single screens only.


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