Namrata Pradhan Interview: Madhura (Chatriwali) and Me, We are No Different

Namrata Pradhan Interview Chatriwali Serial

From 18th June a new serial started it’s telecast on Star Pravah. ‘Chatriwali’ instantly has made a connection with the audiences. Namrata Pradhan plays the lead role of a simple-minded middle-class girl who’s the biggest identity is her ‘Chatri’. On this occasion here’s the conversation we had with her!

This is your first serial. How were you selected for ‘Chatriwali’?

I am fond of acting from my childhood. I knew about the auditions for this serial & I sent my photos to them. I was selected for it & I underwent two look tests. They liked my look & found the ‘Chatriwali’ within me & in a way my dream came true.

Is there anything common between you & ‘Madhura’ (Chatriwali)?

Yes. Madhura & me, we are no different because I am very close to my family just like her. Madhura takes all her decisions after thinking thoroughly, I am no different here too. Moreover, I am a confident girl just like Madhura. Hence, I needn’t do anything extraordinary to play her part!

There are quite a few experienced actors alongside you in this serial. How is your experience working with them?

Too good! We have fun all the time on the set. Hence, the atmosphere on the set is pleasant. More importantly, we rehearse every scene together. Everyone take care of me while rehearsing. They help me if I am going wrong. I have developed great chemistry with all of them.

Star Pravah has given opportunities to many new actors. Now you are one of them. How do you feel about it?

It’s my luck that I am making my debut with Star Pravah. Many artists of recent times started their careers with Star Pravah. I have made a nice relation with Star Pravah’s creative team, our producer & director.

Madhura & her ‘Chatri’ have a close relation. How special is ‘Chatri’ for you?

I am fond of ‘Chatri’ for sure. In a way, it’s a need during monsoons but I also use ‘Chatri’ during the summer season. Now because of this serial ‘Chatri’ has become an inseparable part of my life!


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