Investment (2013) Marathi Movie Review

  • Review : Investment
  • Director : Ratnakar Matkari
  • Producers : Mahadwar Productions and Indu Enterprises
  • Writer : Ratnakar Matkari
  • Cast : Tushar Dalvi, Supriya Vinod, Sulbha Deshpande, Praharsh Naik, Sanjay Mone, Sandeep Pathak
  • Genre : Drama

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Story Outline :

The movie is based on Ratnakar Matkari’s own story of the same name. Hailing from an upper middle class, married couple Aashish (Tushar Dalvi) and Prachi (Supriya Vinod) are eager to move further upwards in the social ranking. Prachi wants their only son Sohel (Praharsh Naik) to become a politician so that he can earn pots of money.

Sohel has turned out to be a spoilt brat due to Prachi’s upbringing. Whenever Aashish tries improving their son’s habits, he is sternly stopped by Prachi, who believes values and emotions are a thing of the past. This over-freedom one day lands Sohel and his parents in a deadly mess.

Review :

Well-known Marathi author Ratnakar Matkari’s directorial debut Investment hits theatres just when there is uproar in the country about the change in juvenile laws. By throwing light on an urban, modern family, the film succeeds in making a bold statement on how bad parenting can lead a child from an ‘elite’ class into committing a dreadful crime. However, the events and treatment of the second half make sure the film falls only in a one-time watch category.National award winning ‘INVESTMENT’ to release on 20th September

During the initial moments, the writer has smartly defined the psyche of the couple and its effect on their child out of simple, everyday conversations. This provides dark amusement and mild shock regularly, especially due to Prachi’s way of thinking. At times, the treatment appears too simple but that was necessary to give an utterly realistic feel to the film. The main issue of the crime by the child is also narrated and presented intelligently. A scene between Sohel and the lawyer might give you a jolt.

Although the same grip is maintained at the start of the second half, proceedings become tedious as the climax approaches due to lack of conflict and depressing treatment. The all-important court case and the finale too lack complete conviction.

Coming to the technical department, the camerawork (Amol Gole) goes with the theme of the film. The background score adds tension and thrill but the editing (Sagar Vanjari) could have been sharper.

Investment Marathi Movie PosterPraharsh Naik deserves thunderous applause for playing such a difficult role so effectively. It can be mentally taxing for any child actor to play such a role. Supriya Vinod brilliantly gets into the skin of her character. Her perfect nuances make her completely believable. Tushar Dalvi doesn’t lag behind in the role of a man dominated by his wife. His acts in scenes where he is forced to obey his wife deserve special mention.

It’s a welcome break to see Sadeep Phatak in a non-comic role. He does full justice to his character. Sulbha Deshpande and Sanjay Mone shine in their respective supporting roles. The rest of the actors provide decent support.

Overall :

Investment can be seen if you appreciate thought-provoking cinema.

Review By Keyur Seta on Halti Chitre