Zee Marathi’s Tribute to Late Shri Mangesh Padgaonkar through ‘Nakshtranche Dene’

या जन्मावर या जगण्यावर शतदा प्रेम करावे’… Mangeshji gave such a philosophical thought for life through this poem in easiest way. His death made poetry and literature world sad and sorrowful. How to write a poem which will touch the soul of listener was very well known to Padgaonkar sir. He gave very much meaning, emotional and lovely poems to Marathi literature. Every couple who mutter love songs which are created by Mangeshji. He made poems which will comment politely but straight forward on social issues and at the same time he created poems which will make people laugh and learn. Though the journey of such emotional creations has stopped his existence and his memories will always be alive through his all poems and songs.

Zee Marathi has arranged the show named ‘Nakshatranche Dene’ for his Poems and Songs as Tribute to such Great Poet. The Show will telecast on Zee Marathi on 3rd January 2016 at 1.00PM

Sachin Khedekar, Amruta Subhash, Vibhawari Deshpande, Ashok Bagwe are going to host this show and with them poems will perform in this show. We can see many songs like ‘शुक्रतारा मंदवारा’, ‘जेव्हा तिची नी माझी’, ‘श्रावणात घननिळा’, ‘जेव्हा तुझ्या बटांना’ which were sung by Hrishikesh Kamrekar, Ranjana Joglekar, Amey Daate and other singers. Poems of Padgaonkar sir will be explained and his memories will be alive by Shri P. Bhagwat, Prof. Shankar Vaidya, and Yashwant Dev. And this show has one special moment where they will show poems which were performed by Padgaonkar Sir himself.

This show will create great memory and very nice way to give tribute to such a great poet.