‘Te Aath Diwas’ movie about Mother-Daughter-Family Reunion

Kadhi Kadhi Ha Lagnacha Gunta Sodvayla Lagtat 20 Varshe… Tar Kadhi Kadhi Pure Astat Fakta…“Te 8 Diwas

First look of marathi movie ‘Te 8 Diwas’, entire star cast details has been disclosed yesterday in the event which is held at Famous studio in Mumbai.

‘Te 8 Diwas’ produced by Shweta Jadhav and directed by Shyam Dhanorkar. This movie starring Renuka Shahane, Tushar Dalvi, Aaroh Velankar, Deepali Muchrikar, Avinash Masurekar, Sunil Joshi, Atul Todankar, Meena Sonavane, Abhilasha Patil, Suhasini Paranjpe, Abhishek Deshmukh, Ashay Kulkarni, Pandurang Kulkarni, Ramesh Solanki and child artist Ashitosh Gaikwad.

Te 8 Diwas movie’s story about woman who came back after 18 years for her daughter’s wedding and she feel sorry and want to stay with her daughter, husband as a family.

The story is also about girl who is getting married and she have lots of confusion in mind but only her mother can understand her very well. For daughter she took a bold decision but while doing this she doesn’t want to lose her family again.

This is the story about love, attachment of woman, mother, wife and her binding with family even after return of 18 years. Thus this is the story of family reunion.

‘Te 8 Diwas’ is the Deepali Muchrikar’s first debut marathi movie. When we asked her about her excitements she replied, “This is my first movie feeling awesome. I am already excited. Got a chance to work with superb people. All are so good and I had great bonding with all.”

After long time smiling Renuka Shahane is back on screen. It is good news for her fans. Renuka saying about her role, “The character doesn’t set in common rituals. She stays away from home for her career and directly after 18 years she comes for her daughter’s wedding. Even I changed in those 8 days the journey from negative to positive.”

Tushar Dalvi’s character is like gentleman, he shared his experience with us, Tushar said, “Me and Renuka working together after long time. New young actors are there. We had great fun while shooting and it’s very nice and enriching. Wait and watch you will come to know what happen in those 8 days. ”

Now the time has come for the main people of the movie, director and producer. Director Shyam Dhanorkar shared his great feelings while working on this movie with all star cast. He enjoyed a lot. He is coming with different type of story. The story of mother-daughter relation and the support of family. In short this is the full family entertainer movie.

Shweta Jadhav is young dynamic producer of this movie from law background. For her father’s wish to make marathi movie, she took a first step towards ‘Te 8 Diwas’.  ‘Now I am planning for reality based movie and will move forward towards Marathi movie industry’, Shweta added.

‘Te 8 Diwas’ produced by Kishor Dhargalkar, Shekhar Pradhan, dialouges, story-screenplay written by Shashank Kevale, music composed by Vikas Bhatavdekar, background music given by Pankaj Padghan, lyrics penned by Saumitra and songs sung by singer Shailaja Subramanyam.

This movie is going to release on 30th October all over Maharashtra.


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