Rajkumar Tandge debuting in film direction with ‘Chivti’!

Rajkumar Tandge debuting in film direction with 'Chivti'!

Rajkumar Tangde is now taking a step into film direction with the film ‘Chivti’. He has earlier written and directed the popular one act play ‘Akada’ from the celebrated play ‘Shivaji Underground in Bhimnagar Mohalla’. The mahurat of the film was recently held at Beed. The film stars Milind Shinde, Sambhaji Tangde, Ashwini Bhalekar, Gauri Konge, Gajendra Tangde, Madhukar Bidve, Ashok Devkar, Devki Kharat, and Kishor Udhan.

The director is known for his social awareness political awareness. The story revolves around sugar production and the politics behind this industry.

The story screenplay and dialogues are also written by the director Rajkumar Tangde. The producer is Ajinath Dhakne of Pragati Chitra Films. The DOP is Devendra Golatkar, and Bhagwan Medankar is the executive producer. The shooting of this film will commence very soon and film will be shot at Beed, Jalna and Mahabaleshwar.


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