Redu Marathi Movie Trailer: Shashank Shende on a Roll

Redu‘ movie has been in talks long before it’s trailer being revealed. The director of the film & the film itself has been awarded with quite a few prestigious awards. And now when we watch the trailer we understand the reason behind it! This film revolves around a very simple yet effective story.

The innocence of the ‘Konkani Manoos’ especially in the old times before the technological advancements can be seen in this trailer. We have all heard stories about how ‘Radio’ being the first ever digital medium of entertainment became extremely close to people’s heart. ‘Redu’ seems to tell something more beyond this nostalgic feeling!

Shashank Shende who is usually seen in serious roles seems to be having great fun here! He has become one of Marathi cinema’s favorite go to man in recent times especially for stories with a rural backdrop. Here though he is playing a Konkani man which we haven’t seen him play before!