Praju comes to Pune!

Priya Bapat at TP2 Press Conference in Pune

Priya Bapat is in Pune to woe her fans with her upcoming movie Timepass 2. Priya will be playing role of Praju in Timepass 2.

Timepass 2 is a sequel of most popular movie Timepass (2014). Priya is very excited for her role in the movie as Praju is very connected to her heart.

Speaking about her character in the movie Priya said, “I am extremely happy to play Praju. My reel character is different to my real personality and that made me happy to play the Praju. I believe the audience will shower love for Praju once again, as they did in Timepass.”

Speaking about her fans in Pune she added, “I am always happy when I am in Pune. It feels like coming back to home as I always get warm welcoming from my fans here.”
Timepass 2 will hit the theaters on 1st May, 2015.


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